The care and longevity of your garments are important to us at Polonio. We encourage you as consumers to follow a few simple steps to ensure that you are getting the most out of your purchases - without compromising on the environment. We produce high quality garments and urge you to look after them accordingly.

1). We recommend that you only wash your garments when dirty and wash delicate clothes on a 30-40-degree cycle. We do not encourage you to wash the clothes at a higher temperature than this. This action will ensure that you reduce the amount of energy you use per washing load.

2). We advocate using minimal amounts of detergent. We believe that too much detergent can make your clothes dirtier as delicate cycles require less soap. It will also help to maintain the colour and texture of your clothes over time.

3). We strongly urge you to avoid using tumble dryers to dry your clothes. Tumble dryers are not only very costly to run, but they also use a lot of energy. Tumble dryers are harmful to the longevity of your clothes due to the fibres released in every load. Therefore, we strongly encourage air-drying your garments outside as much as possible.