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A Walk in Cadaqués

A family of three, in a quaint Mediterranean village called Cadaqués. For them, the perception of time would cease to exist if not for the church bells that chime every hour. The essentials plus a cup of Garnacha at night, and a heartfelt passion: they require nothing more.

Photography by: Armando Rafael

Look at these beautiful images. Where do they take you? Do they transport you to the past, to those endless summers along sun-kissed shores? Or do they fly you into the future, to those tranquil vacations you've been dreaming about forever? These pictures narrate a diverse story for each of us. Even, for the very protagonists themselves.

They are Joshua and Lucía, an adventurous couple, parents of playful Amelie, creators of Polonio, and citizens of the world. He is a New Yorker; she is from Montevideo. Their passion for travel and design was the thread that first wove their souls together. They met ten years ago, working at Adidas in Germany. It wasn't an easy conquest, according to him. Love is the starting point of each of their projects: their relationship, their family, Polonio, and its boutiques. The swimwear and ready-to-wear brand was born after Josh's first visit to Cabo Polonio. A trip of disconnection to reconnect with what matters most. Breathtaking nights under endless stars, an effortless lifestyle, and an unforgettable entrance to paradise on a bumpy truck ride through the dunes that warmly welcomed Josh to Latin America. It was love at first sight. The story of their original store in Cadaqués is as magical as this one. But like every couple, they have two different versions of it.

In 2021, with the Italian borders closed amidst the pandemic, they needed to bide their time in the Old World until their samples from Florence were ready. That's how they ended up in this picturesque destination that reminded them of the Uruguayan coast. A fisherman's village, adorned with bougainvillea, best known for its mesmerizing golden sunsets. A dazzling place enchanted by the alluring aroma of local cuisine, redolent with the rich essence of garlic, that flourishes through serpentine cobblestone streets.

“Lucía recalled Cadaqués from her childhood with her parents, so we journeyed to the village. We walked through the old town and instantly fell in love with its charming whitewashed houses, captivated tourists, and leisurely pace. Unexpectedly, we came across a petite store just a block away from the whispering sea. It looked like a cave, and it was available for rent. In that moment, we knew it was destined for us”, Josh reminisces.

However, according to Lucía, the story begins differently. “We went to visit Salvador Dalí's house. The next day, it rained like crazy! Through the water curtain we recognized a sign with a map of my country on it. It was the gallery of the Uruguayan artist Iturria. We entered and were received as friends. It felt like home. That evening, we started fantasizing about the color of the door if we ever opened a boutique there. The local options were only red, blue or green, but we imagined it turquoise, like in the houses of our beloved José Ignacio. The next morning, an available store with the door painted in the precise color we dreamed revealed itself before us. My father, a cabalistic, always says that shops open when they appear and not necessarily when one desires. With Amelie between my arms, two suitcases, and the entire world on pause, our stay extended, and without even a place to stay, we rented our first boutique in Cadaqués.”

Polonio Clothing Collection

Joshua and Lucía are nomads. Their family is their home. After a year in this Catalan heaven, they moved Polonio to a larger store, connected to Galería Iturria. This passage harmoniously blends art and design, entwines the essence of Spain and Uruguay, and welcomes other families to join their own, with children always playing around. The images captured for this editorial piece were the idea of their photographer friend Armando Rafael while visiting Cadaqués with his wife. With the vision of showcasing Joshua and Lucía's simple lifestyle, they walked from the store to their home, as on any ordinary day. “We wake up in the morning, prepare coffee, and go out running. Later, we walk Amelie to school. She is already friends with everyone! Afterward, we immerse ourselves in the universe of Polonio. We have meetings, analyze samples, and around noon, Lucía goes to the market. Every evening, we open a wine in the terrace or go out for tapas at Lua”, narrates Josh, without the approval of Lucía, who declares they don't follow routines. Yet, she agrees that specialty coffee is definitely a must.

Tales of adventure, light traveling, life quality, change as the unique constant, plus an exquisite color palette, define the romantic lifestyle of the couple. Free, authentic, contemporary, and above all, simple. The same lifestyle that Polonio inspires.

“Not everyone reaches such remote places like Cabo Polonio and Cadaqués. We always say the name of our brand suggests a destination. However, this is not a particular place, but a way of living”, reflects Lucía. And Joshua agrees. Like any other couple, they don't agree in every single detail, but nothing that cannot be reconciled with a cup of coffee.

-Camila Galfione