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            Cabo Polonio exists along the coast of Uruguay, isolated from the world’s demands. It’s inhabitants, with little or no electricity, Internet, or cell phone coverage, live life uninterrupted. Cabo Polonio is a place to be inspired, connect with nature and rediscover your inner self. The most “city hectic” visitors arrive at Cabo Polonio to be renewed. This is the birthplace of the Polonio brand.
            Polonio is a brand inspired by the beauty and feel of Uruguay. Polonio achieves this vision with original, hand-drawn prints and signature tailored fits.  The patterns developed create a cohesive whole for the collection resulting in a look appropriate for sand or hardwood.
            The Polonio style is carefree. Its attention to detail and commitment to excellence are care full.  Not everyone can get to Cabo Polonio. But the Polonio brand aspires to give a taste of that Cabo inspiration and renewal to everyone who steps into their world.

    Photography by Diego Rosenblatt