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    About The Polonio

    The Polonio originated from a beach in a remote town in a tiny country in South America dubbed Cabo Polonio. The brand was founded by two adventurers love of summer and all the treasures it yields.

    We began by designing contemporary men’s swim trunks inspired by vintage 1930 Aloha shirts.  With patience and care, we applied this unique twist to other products including sandals, yogawear, sportswear, and women’s swim.

    When The Polonio was created it was important to us that we had a close connection with the creation process.  We made a point that we designed and created in the environment in which the brand was birthed.  All  of our designs and patterns are hand drawn, inked and colored in-house. Being based in Uruguay allows to closely oversee the process from start to finish to insure it is at the standard our customer expects from us.

    We recognize that the fashion world is not friendly to our waters, land, air, animals and nature.  With every new collection, we strive to use and create the highest quality of products, with minimalistic design in mind, that are both fashionable and functional while limiting its effect on our planet. Using recycled polyester is one way in which we reduce this effect.